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Satin Tape (Thin) Satin Tape (Thick) Cotton Braid (5mm)
FSC101 FSC201 FSC301
Cotton Braid (10mm) Rayon Braid (5mm) Spun Polyester + Embroidery Jacquard Weaving Logo Tape
FSC302 FSR301 4821
Spun Polyester Lace Cotton Printing Plain Folded Tape Cotton Printing Plain Folded Label
FSPP401 9519 9623
Cotton Pigment Flock Printing Label Spun Polyester Printing Label Spun Polyester Canvas  + PU Belt
9299 7018 B1
Polyester Plain Belt (Copper Buckle) PU Belt (Alloy Buckle & Eyelets) Polyester Printing Plain Label
B2 B3 L1

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