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Our Company had been established over 10 years

Produce Various Types of Tape & Cord  with both dying and following up processing

Tape Style Cord Style
Stripes Tape Solid / Stripes Cord
Metallic Yarn Tape Twisted Cord
Mixed Yarn Tape Draw Cord
Jacquard Weaving Logo Tape Piping
Elastic Bungee Tape Bungee Cord
Knitting Tape Knitting String
Others Jacquard Weaving Logo Cord
Garment Accessories as Belt, Tip End, Shoulder Strap, Mobile Strap, Holders, Zipper Pull ....... etc
Our Knitting Factory had been established in Mainland China since 1992
Material (Cotton, Polyester, Spun Polyester, Nylon and so on) have been chosen seriously
For quality control, production system, employee and all quality related always have been monitored and controlled continuously


All employees attempt to  satisfy customer specifications as high quality products and services and are willing to listen and accept customer opinion for improvement
And search the new products techniques and information from Asia, Europe .......etc to discuss and analyze with customers. --- All Pay All Gain ---
Base on the continuous promise for the best, dependability and stable

*** Good Quality, Standard, Prompt, Innovation ,    Customer The First *** as Fushing features and Motive Power

< Reasonable Price, Delivery on time &                               you are welcome to provide Sample to develop  >

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